The unplugged wedding.

I love photography, and I’ll always go out of my way to ensure your guests get the photographs that they want, at the same time though I’ve been wondering for a while if someone viewing the world through a small LCD screen is really being present and enjoying the moment. So this article about the unplugged wedding rang very true for me and makes the arguments for having one in a much more compelling way then I can.

Not every wedding will be suited to being unplugged, and I’d never suggest that your guests didn’t bring cameras, however I do think the digital revolution has placed an extra layer between us and the world, turning us into observers rather than participants. As much as I am a geek, I love the unplugged idea – so I’ll make a bit of a commitment to it, if you want to have an unplugged wedding (just your wedding, I think the reception as well is going to far), I’ll support you in ever way I can. For a start I’ll make every photo I take from the day available as a download to every guest you wish me to. I’m sure we can come up with a couple of other ideas as well between us.




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