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Reading the news yesterday this story caught my eye. To save you reading further its about a photographer in Birmingham who was burgled and lost all the photos from a couples wedding in the burglary. They must be devastated and I feel so much for them.

This got me thinking, and I’m sure its worth explaining one of the many of the reasons photographers seem, on the face of it, to be expensive, although I actually think we’re pretty cheap when you consider everything that goes on both that you see and things that you don’t always see, but are a vital part of delivering you top quality photographs, every time.

My packages are very self explanatory and I guess they’re the visible part of what I do. Now for the backup service  you don’t see, firstly on your wedding day I always carry 2 cameras and a selection of lenses in case one fails. Even expensive electronic items fail and not been able to shoot your wedding because of kit failure wouldn’t be acceptable. I’m also backing up as I work, so should a memory card fail, I have two copies of your photos, from the moment I press the shutter.

When I get home, the evening of your wedding I also download your cards straight away, aside from a cup of tea its the first thing I do. My systems back these up automatically on site. I’ve now got four copies of your photographs – bear in mind your probably still enjoying your evening at this point , thats exactly as it should be and without worrying about your photos. I also make another backup and take that offsite on the following morning. This backup goes into a secure location, away from my house (should I be burgled, house catches fire, a plane crashes on the roof, big flood or anything else) and I can get it back 24/7.

I know this post far from covers everything that I actually do, but I wanted to provide a little reassurance following this story and also give a little insight into why paying for a good photographer, and asking questions like this is an excellent investment of your time and money. It is a once in lifetime event after all. Please get in touch if you’d like to know a little more.

OK I’m not completely sure of the relevance of the photo,  but I guess its kind of flooded


Flooded bride


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