Claire and Iain’s Clandon Park wedding

Happy new year, my first post during 2012 so I’m only a few days late in wishing that ;). Anyway at the end of last year Claire and Iain got married at the magnificent Clandon Park near Guildford. It started the day snowing, but by the afternoon in had turned into one of those fantastic, clear, December days that are fantastically beautiful, but it was mighty cold.

Claire organised this whole wedding in just 6 months from Iain proposing. I think getting a wedding like this organised in that time is seriously impressive going.

I first met Iain when I had a sensible job, so I was really pleased to be asked to photograph his and Claire’s wedding. For a bit of a change for this year’s weddings I’m going to say a little about each photo. Please do comment if you like the idea. Enjoy.


One of the best things about photographing weddings is you meet many fantastic people. All the cards over Claire and Iain’s home spoke volumes as to the regard people hold them in

Claire and Iain's Clandon Park Wedding

Clandon Park is stunning. Black tie certainly does it justice

Black Ties before Iain and Claires Clandon Park Wedding

I do enjoy getting ready photographs. Theres just so much emotion. Think that comes across here.

Getting Ready Photographs

Details like this don’t just happen – theres some serious planning gone into this


Clandon Park, December sun……….could you want for more

Clandon Park in winter sun

The Marble Room at Clandon is magnificent. Just the sort of place you’ve expect to find a string quartet 😉

Marble Room at Clandon Park

I’d love to know what they’re talking about

Brother and Friend

Classic cars, it was the only way for a venue quite this classy. Anyway I’m terrible with cars, anyone know what it is?

Vintage Car

Iain looking a little thoughtful as Claire arrives


The Tapestry Room at Clandon Park. The boys waiting for Claire.

Tapestry Room

Claire and her Dad in the Marble Room. The room is nearly as magnificent as the bride, but only nearly 😉

Marble Room

And Claire and her Dad in the Marble room agin, walking to the ceremony in the Tapestry room.

Marble Room

In the Tapestry room, rather a good place to get married

Tapestry Room

Y’know how a picture is worth a thousand words, the look on Claire’s face is worth a Thousand smiles


Rings 😉


And vows 😉

More Rings

After the ceremony

Man and Wife

And leaving the Tapestry room


A snatched moment after the ceremony, priorities 🙂

peace and quiet

And its that classic car again. It would of been rude not to take advantage



And one of those sunsets only December can manage


Claire and Iain walk into there reception. Smiling much? 😉




And the best man’s speech strikes just the right notes


First Dance

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