Photo of the week I

OK, having thought long and hard about it – for at least 5 minutes ;). Something I’ve been meaning to add to thus blog s a photo of the week feature. I love looking at these when I see them online and I thought I would be good to do. So why not?Every week, in addition to my normal postings, I’ll publish one photo and talk about that photo. That photograph may be from a wedding, another event, a personal photo or simply because I like it. Either way photography can be fantastically evocative so it will be a photograph that invokes that in me. So without any further ado….. 


Photo of the week I.

Photo of the week

I love this photo for so many different reasons. Its beautiful, elegant portrait photograph of Chloe before her Caswell House wedding  last year. And thats the first reason why I love this photo. Its elegant and beautiful portrait of someone getting ready for her wedding. But it has loads of emotion in it as well. I love evocative photographs and, to me, this one has it all. I love the slight thoughtfulness in her expression. Combined with a palpable air of excitement. It really is a photograph of someone looking forward to the day to come.

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I’d love to know what you think about this photo. Please do leave a comment and tell me.

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