Unplugging your wedding – revisited

A couple of years ago I first came across the idea of unplugging your wedding. Its a really simple concept. As camera phones, compact cameras and DSLRs have become ever more popular then I think we’ve become disconnected from the now. Don’t get me wrong  – I love the way photography has become so popular and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sometime though I think its a bit of a shame. You’ve spent months planning your wedding. Probably shed tears of frustration at times, but mostly laughed with joy as you’ve been organising things. It’s an incredibly personal thing and for your guests to not really be there, but viewing the day through an LCD screen and removed one step by it. I’d far rather people were really there and celebrating with you. To be frank, this idea isn’t for everyone.

If you’ve invited everyone using Facebook and they’ve all tweeted their RSVPs, then I’m going to bet this isn’t for you. Like I said its not for everyone and if you know it won’t work or the idea simply doesn’t appeal then its your day after all.

Ok, so you’ve decided to unplugging your wedding is the way forward.

You’ll need to make a couple if decisions. How am I going to approach this?, and do I want to unplug all of the day, or just part of it? I’m going to bet that as cameras have become more and more part of our lives. And Facebook and twitter are more and more important to us. I suspect unplugging your whole wedding is probably a stretch to far for most of us. So why not unplugged your ceremony instead? Its the most important part of the day, the rest would be somewhat pointless without it. You want you carefully invited guests to be really there: Not experiencing it on a 5″ LCD screen or through a view finder. But actually there. In mind as well as body, and enjoying your most precious moments with you.

Tell your guests what you have planned. On your invites and, if you’d like, on the day as well. Every wedding I photograph has an electronic gallery as part of your package. Share this with your guests, they can download photos from there. They won’t be missing anything afterwards and can share the day that much more with you. You’ll love having them really there too.

If you’d like to have a chat about unplugging your wedding & how I can help my phone number is 07949 099978. Speak to you soon.




Unplugging you wedding

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