Photo of the week XXII

Another week flies by. So without further waiting its time for……

Photo of the week XXII


Photo of the week. A little film noir

I love this photo. It’s always a lot of fun to go out and take some photos for yourself. To go out, try new things and I love just getting out and being creative. And there is something about that 1940’s style Hollywood Film Noir that is just fantastic as well. So it seemed a great idea for a shoot. How could I say no?

This kind of 1940’s look. Its deceptively simple yet utterly engrossing to look at. Theres an awful lot of story here and just a little bit of a menacing edge. I think this needs it. In this case, a photo speaks far more then a 1000 words, I love the whole glamour and look of the prior, and this comes through in lots of my work. Especially my boudoir photography. If you’d like to see some more of that my boudoir portfolio is here.

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