Picking your suppliers

I’ll admit it. I wondered if I should write this post or not. I hate to be negative and that made this quite a difficult post.

Everyone has a budget

We all do, pretty much for everything we do. In all areas of our lives. Somethings are important to us and we value quality above everything else with those things. Somethings less so, and maybe price is a deciding factor. Somethings we value not at all and we often do without those things. Thats true of pretty much everything. Cars, food or clothes (well you can’t do without them, but you know what I mean).

Picking your wedding suppliers

I guess picking your suppliers is no different. Somethings are going to be really important to you, maybe the dress, or the photography (did you see what I did there?) or the venue. But its worth understanding what your getting (or not getting) if you budget less for somethings.

As with everything its really true with photography you get what you pay for. Not just on the quality of your wedding photos themselves…..although of course they are absolutely stunning but the service that goes with them as well.  It seems hardly anytime goes by before I read another story or hear all about another photographer who has lost a couples photos because the photographers have been burgled, or have lost them in the pub. I see lots of very low quality photos and very many disappointed couples as well. As well as looking at your photographer portfolio and making sure you love it. Its worth checking they have good provisions in place if the worse does happen. What happens to your photos? Will it be an appeal on Twitter for there return or do they have the foresight for a good offsite backup program. If the worse does happen it may delay things slightly whilst I recover your photos. But I know they will be recovered for you and I’ll be able to carry on pretty much seamlessly.

The same with cameras, expensive electronics can and do fail. To guard against this I’ve always got a second camera with me and a third in the boot. If one stops working, I can switch to the second without you even noticing.

These sort of things are exactly why paying for a quality service is so worthwhile. You don’t just pay for fantastic photos but for a high quality service from start to finish.

More doesn’t always mean more

OK, I admit its a bit a of a cryptic title. Unless you specifically book an additional photographer I’ll always work on my own. I believe this is the best way I can deliver my philosophy of telling the story of your wedding in as natural a way as I can. I do believe second photographers don’t help me do this. But I see lots of people offering two or three photographers as standard. When I see that offer I think its your wedding day, not a film set. And I have to wonder what those extra people really bring to the coverage of your wedding, or if they simply get in the way without adding anything. As a quick example I recently shot with a group of videographers who were working as a three. Its fair to say they weren’t subtle and to be honest I struggled to see what the other two added. Heres a quick photo to show what I mean.

Picking your suppliers


I’d love to know what she thought afterwards. But my point is a simple one. Just be sure whats on offer, for what seems very good price, really adds something you want.


If you’d like to have a chat about your day. How I can provide you with something thats just a little bit….more then you’d expect from your photography my phone number is 07949 099978. If you’d rather email my address is info@boymeetsgirlphotography.co.uk. Look forward to speaking to you soon.




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