Photo of the week XXIV

The weeks do seem to fly by at the moment. So without any more waiting, here is……

Photo of the week XXIV

Twickenham Wedding Photography


Now we’re back on track after I missed a little a week or so at the start of the month. Its turning into a very busy wedding season though so I feel I have an excuse though. Anyway…….

I love this photograph. Taken after a recent wedding at Orleans House Gallery by the river in Twickenham,to me, it has so many elements in it that just make it a fantastic wedding photograph. Quite simply its in a gorgeous location, with the two of them looking simply stunning in the setting. For the way I like to work it has everything a wedding photograph should have, its elegant, its natal and both of them look stunning in this photo. Totally relaxed and at ease with the day and each other. And of course the photograph does a great job of showing that off. But what I think is far from to be all and end all. I’d love to hear what you think. Why not leave me a comment and let me know?

If you’d like to have a chat about this photograph, your Twickenham wedding photography our anything else for that matter my number is 07949 099978. Apparently I have some great reds and I love chatting over a glass. If its easier I’ll reply within 24 hours if you use the contact form. If you’d like a let more information about getting married at Orleans House Gallery then their wedding information pages can be found here.

Look forward to speaking to you soon




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