Photo of the week XXIII

OK, so I’ll own up. Last week was the first week since I started I managed to miss a photo of the week. But I was a little busy so I’ll let myself off this time. To get things back on track and without further preamble its time for.

Photo of the week XXIII

Photo of the week. Kew Gardens wedding photography I love this photo. Its taken at a Kew Gardens wedding, and I think, does a stunning job of just about everything I look for in a photograph. Its natural and elegant. It shows the two of them of perfectly and it tells a little bit of the story of their as well. Its about them and they and the location make the photo. It wouldn’t work without one or the other, but as it stands it works spectacularly.

I adore those cold crisp winter days and this photo, taken along one of the protected vistas during a Kew Gardens wedding shows off exactly how spectacular those winter days can be. It also shows off what a great venue Kew Gardens is for your wedding photography. So with all of those elements combined, thats why this is my photo of the week, for this week.

You can read some more about getting married at Kew Gardens here and wealth of choices available for your day just here.  It would be fantastic if you left a comment whilst you are here. I’d love to hear what you think and why you like this photograph.

If you’d like to get in touch to book your wedding photography, or just have a chat about your day my phone number is 07949 099978. If you’d rather email my address is Or theres a really handy contact form. And with all those ways of saying hello then there really is no reason not to. And no matter how you get in touch I’ll always respond to your email within a day.   H

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