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I’m aiming to write an occasional series about everything that gets done before, during and after your big day. I’m hoping to answer a few questions and maybe lay a few myths to rest whilst hopefully providing a little insight into behind the scenes. The first of them was this post about piece of mind. I though it would be good to talk about whats involved in

Editing and Retouching your photos.

When you get the list of things I agree I’ll do for you you’ll notice that one of those items is that I’ll “Individually retouch your photos to album standard.” So what am I talking about with that?. Lets be contrary and start with what I don’t mean – there are a few common misconceptions about retouching a photo that simply aren’t true. The biggest of these is this one:

Editing photo’s is simply a way of fixing mistakes or bad photography.

I see this said a lot, particularly on various photography forums and related Facebook groups. Every time I see it said it makes me want to tear my hair out (if I had any that is). It’s simply not true. There’s no other way of saying it. Retouching a photo can’t fix a bad photo. It can make a very good photo great, no doubt at all. But as for fixing a photo well – if you polish rubbish all you get is shiny rubbish. You can substitute rubbish for another word if you’d wish. But I’m far too polite for that. From my point of view fixing photos (to a far shoddier standard then I provide) is a non starter, not only because you can’t fix a bad photo but trying to do so is also so time consuming I’d never be able to give you your fantastic wedding photos.

So why bother then?

So now thats out of the way lets talk abit about what I actually do when I edited and retouch your photos. Editing and retouching your photos is a brilliant way of bringing a little extra special something to your photos. A well retouched photo shines and to be honest every digital photograph looks a million times better for a little bit of work.I always like to think that a good analogy is to compare it to work done in the lab with your film photos before you got them back. I think this photo of the sunset on Twickenham Green explains exactly what I mean.

Surrey Photography

You can see that before it was a great photo, but after its sings and is something special.

 So how do I use this with your wedding photography?

Hopefully its pretty simple. Firstly I go through everything taken from the day, and remove anything I’m don’t think you’d wish to see. Those photo where your Dad is pulling an unfortunate expression, someones blinked or they’ve moved in front of the camera. Just removing those photos leaves you only with the very best. I know that leaving these in takes away from the fantastic set of photographs I’ll deliver for you. When I’ve done this every photograph is retouched further. I always treat each photograph as I’ve shown you above – develop it if you like. The when thats done I’ll look at each photo. Really look at it to see if and where it could do with a little retouch or not. That’s often tiny little changes to make a photo perfect. That can be as simple as simply retouching someone’s skin a little – I know its you’re wedding day and you’ll look perfect, but your bridesmaid may have come out with a zit or two due to the nerves.


London Wedding Photography

Like all good things, its subtle but it makes a real difference to the final photograph. One of the other things I do when I retouch is to remove thing that detract from the final photograph. Be that a fire exit sign, a light of in the case below a flower bed. All in all its the difference between good and great.


London Wedding Photography


So hopefully this explains a little about what retouching your photo does and doesn’t do. And gives a little insight into why its such an important part of ensuring your wedding photographs are nothing less then perfect.


If you’d like to make a booking or have a chat about your day my phone number is 07949 099978, My email is – I’ll get back to you with 24 hours and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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