Photo of the week XXXV

I’m really rather enjoying doing this. I’m love looking through my portfolio again and picking a photo each week, I do hope you’re enjoying looking at them as much. That time already now. Heres…


Photo of the week XXXV


Southside House Photography


I love this photo. I know I’ve said before, but I adore being able to get out and get creative just for me sometimes. And it means I sometimes produced results like this when it happens as well. There is a certain darkness and sense of theatre about this photo I love. I think its the dramatic look, coupled with the gold and black origami birds that give the feeling she’s simply playing with something they represent to her. Of course there is all that theatre behind that thought process as well. Thats why I love this photo and it is my photo of the week for this week. But, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Your thoughts really do matter to me.

If you’d like to discuss this sort of shoot with me I’d love to hear from you and get together to discuss them further. Give me a ring. If you’d like to book either your wedding photography or your boudoir photography my phone number is 07949 099978. Of course if its easier to email my address is or you can send me a mail using the contact form. Of course, if you simply want to arrange an informal chat to discuss your plans then get in touch. I make a great cup of tea and love talking about exactly what you want from the day. I may well have a few ideas to add to your list of things to think about.

With all those methods of getting in touch there really is no reason not to. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enjoy the photo.


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