Photo of the week XXXVII

For the first photo of the week of 2015 I thought it only right I picked something wintery and from a Surrey wedding as well. So for the first time in 2015 its


Photo of the week XXXVII


Clandon Park Wedding Photography


I love this photo. I think its glorious.I adore its simplicity and the way you seem able to get lost in it, in so many different ways. I love the winter wedding feel to it, and the way they both look out over the Surrey countryside. It was taken from the front of Clandon Park. There is an archway there the faces due west. If you’re lucky enough to have your wedding there the opportunities for photographs are just endless. But, as with all my photography I’d love to hear what you think. Why not leave a comment and let me know?


If you’d like to book your Clandon Park wedding photography then my phone number is 07949 099978. If its easier my email is I’ll reply within 24 hours. If you’d simply like to make an appointment to discuss your plans I’d love to hear all about them. And I make great tea while were chatting. It’ll give you chance to find out how my style will bring you great results on your day


Look forward to speaking to you soon.


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