The best of 2014 in photos (part 2)

2014 and 14 was a fantastic year. And (though I say so myself) there were some pretty great photographs came out, both from the weddings I was lucky enough to photograph, and from other projects as well. Part 1 of the best photographs of 2014 is here. I had to split it just to make it a little easier to read. The photos aren’t split between the parts in anything other then a random way. I hope you enjoy reading part 2 as much as you did reading part 1.

There is wedding photography in here from venues spread across much of the South East of England. Surrey and London especially but a few from further afield. There’s wedding photographs from some fantastic weddings at magnificent venues. Place like the stunning intimate setting of Lovekyn Chapel in Kingston, the fabulous setting of Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park, to the magnificent setting of Loseley Hall near Guildford.  As well as that there is a couple of personal photography projects I’m really pleased with. And a scattering of a few landscape and seascape photographs as well. All in all 2014 was a great year. I’ve taken lots of photographs, all of which I’m stupidly proud of. My heart and soul really does go into each one. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with some fantastic couples in 2015. I’ve some great ideas for some personal projects I’m working on too. Watch this space.

At the end of the dat though, what really matters is what you think. Why not leave a comment and let me know?

Enjoy the photos.



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To book your 2015 wedding photography my phone number is 07949 099978. Or you can email either using or the contact form  I always think its a good idea to sit down for a chat before you book. It gives you chance to ask me any questions and for us both to talk about the fantastic results my style of wedding photography will bring to your day.

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