Valentines Boudoir Offer 2015

Time flies. It seems a little odd to be writing a 2015 Valentine’s day offer. It feels like Christmas was only a moment ago. Enough of that though. I ran a boudoir offer last year – as it proved quite so popular and as I’m a very generous sort of chap I think I’m going to repeat it this year. So here it is.

Valentines Boudoir Offer 2015.

OK. So I’m repeating exactly the same offer as I did last year. It works and it’s nice and simple so why change it? Quite simply a massive 25% off any boudoir pakage you book between now and the Valentine’s day on 14th Feburary. Reaslly simple. I don’t think there are any catches either. When we agree a package and you book that before valentines day its as simple as taking 25% off the price we agree. So if we agree a package priced at £200 then you pay £150 for everythin included in that package.

Now because its such a generous pakage there are a couple of terms and conditions to the offer. Nothing scary though.

  1. You must have booked and paid for your bouoir photography by 14th Feburary 2015
  2. The shoot will take place at a mutually agreed time and location.
  3. The shoot must of taken place by 31st December 2015. If your package includes printed products (such as an album, or framed picture) they must be ordered by the same date.

Boudoir photography makes a fantastic present to yourself. Guaranteed to produce some stunning photohgraphs that will be very sexy, seriously elegant and just a little bit cheeky. There is no better way to make yourself look and feel like a goddess.  I love to create some film noir style glamour in my boudoir photography as well, its a fantastic way of adding some theatre and making you feel liek a old fashioned starlet.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more abut whats involved in a boudoir shoot then theres loads of information here. Or I’m more then happy to anwser any questions you have.

This is a fantastic offer, theres little point waiting, get in touch and book your boudoir photography. My phone nuber is 07949 099978 or you can contact me here.

London Boudoir Photograpghy


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