Printing your photos – revisited

Last year I wrote this blog post. It is all about the irony of the most photographed  generation ever being unable to view their photographs in the future. I also talk about how, if a photo is really important to you then print it. I know its easy for me to say, but over the time I’ve been in business I’ve seen the way I deliver photos change from using CDs, to DVDs, to USB sticks and now I’m starting to think long and hard about moving to electronic delivery via the internet. Over my lifetime we’ve moved from floopy disks holding less then a MB of information, though to hard drives bigger than dinner plates (much bigger than dinner plates), and the sinclair spectrum right though to where we are today. Its an amazing change.

I think there is a very real possibility that over the next few years that we’ll be unable to access our photograaphs electronically. File formats will change (as they have in the past and contine to do) and as we update our laptops, computers and tablets I’m betting that things will get lost. Not through anything we choose to do, but simply one day we’ll just remember the photos used to be there. And be heartbroken that we can’t get to them anymore.

Recently the Guardian featured an article about this very subject. In it Vint Cerf, one of Google’s VPs simply warns of our digital lives fading away. All those lost memories.I thought it kind of apt to bring it up as part of  this blog post.

I guess the point of this post is to remind you how important it is to print your photos. I think your wedding, and your wedding photography is worth so much more then a Facebook album. You’re not going to be able to share them that way with your children and grandchildren. If you chose to take my digital only options then when I deliver your photos I’ll also always let you have a list of very high quality printers at the same time. Always get your favourites printed, share them with friends and family and enjoy a glass of wine whilst you’re passing them round. You’d struggle to do that with a laptop. And I do think the risk of losing them for the future is very high. Print them and enjoy them.


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