Printing your photos – revisited.

A while ago, a couple of years ago if I’m being honest, I wrote this post. All about how strange it is the most photographed generation ever is also the generation who will have no photos at all to view. Thats simply because we don’t print them.  It brings a bit of a tight lipped grin to know that almost all or even all of what create today will be lost tomorrow. The irony isn’t lost but at the same time it makes me incredibly sad.

In the time Boy Meets Girl Photography has existed I’ve seen my delivery change from prints and albums, to electronic photos, first on CD & DVD and over then via a USB stick. My last two computers haven’t even had an optical drive and looking to the future I’m prepared to bet we’ll see then end of USB ports as standard in the next 5 years. Already I’m thinking about electronic delivery. I know I spend a great deal of effort and thought making sure that I can still read photos from every wedding I’ve ever photographed. Without that effort it would be surprisingly easy to go back after 5 or 6 years and find them unreadable.

I was thinking about why that might be. It strikes me that 150 years ago a person may have been photographed once in their lifetime. We’re photographed more times in a week then our grandparents were in their lifetimes. I do sometime think that has desensitised us to how much emotion a photograph can evoke.

And that kind of brings me to the point of my ramblings. If you’d like to be able to see your photos in the future or share them with your children and grandchildren then please print your photos. In five or ten years time don’t look at that USB stick and suddenly realise you can’t fit it into your computer and have no way of reading it.Your photographs are precious. I really believe that nothing comes close to evoking so many emotions and memories as a really good photograph, but print it don’t lose it.

With every package I supply there is always beautiful print ready photos. I always give details of printers I really recommend to. So, regardless of if you’d like a fantastic album from me,or simply to send your photos off to be printed. Please print them. At least a few of you favourites. I promise you’ll be very glad you did.
Boy Meets Girl Photography albumBoy Meets Girl Photography albumBoy Meets Girl Photography album

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