An introduction to digital editing course.

Digital editing and image maniplulation. Done well, it can add a real extra depth to your images. In this course we’ll cover the steps editing steps that make every digital photograph come alive, as well as debunking a few myths about images manipulation. We’ll also take a look at the range of programs available to edit you photographs.


An overview of the introduction digital editing course.

On this course we’ll look at the following:

File Types. Is it better to shoot in RAW or JPEG and what the other available file types do.

Manipulation programs available. We’ll look at the programs available, right through from Picassa to Abode Creative Suite, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How to read a histogram.

10 things that should be done to every photograph to make them shine.

White balance. What it is, what it does, why its important  and how to change it.

Looking at colour balance, contrast and saturation.


Tone curves and how to use them.

Black and White Conversions that have real impact.

Basic skin smoothing.

Healing spots.

Removing objects you don’t want in your photos.

How to properly sharpen your  photographs.

It’s a day long course. And a really intensive day at that. You’ll learn an awful lot it that time. The full day’s course is £200 and taught to a maximum of 4 delegates so we get plenty of chance to answer questions and work through them properly.

If you’d like to book your place on the course, or just to ask me any questions you may have please ring me on 07949 099978. Alternatively, please drop me an email if its easier.


Introduction to digital editing course

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