Boudoir Photography Frequently Asked Questions


Where does my boudoir photo shoot take place?

I normally suggest we either use your home, or if you prefer a boutique hotel of your booking. Theres some great, small and very stylish hotels for your boudoir photography in Surrey or London. I’m more then happy to suggest a few should you be short of ideas. I can also arrange the use of an excellent studio if you’d rather.

What should I bring to the photo shoot?

Its always better to bring to much and not use it, then wish you’d bought something. Remember your boudoir photographs will be lots of fun, sexy and a little flirty. Bring things that fit with  this. Fantastic underwear (and a change or two if you want) is a great place to start. Mens shirts and suit jackets can also be really fun as well.

Who’s going to be at my photo shoot?

If you’ve booked a package with a make up artist, then she’ll be present throughout the shoot, I’m there and thats it, (unless you’ve chosen to bring someone with you). I’ll never bring an assistant, or anyone else to your boudoir photo shoot.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. Of course. By all means bring a friend to your photo shoot.

What if a group of us want a shoot?

Fantastic, have a couple of glasses of bubbly and some real fun with a load of your friends. As a thought a boudoir photo shoot would make a fantastic addition and something really different for a hen do, or just a girls day (or night) out as well.

I’ve booked a Make Up Artist for my photo shoot. How does that work?

Your make up artist will sit down about 3/4 hour before we start shooting with you and discuss ‘looks’ with you. She’ll talk through both how you want to look and also give advise on how to make that work really well in front of the camera. As well as doing you make up initially she’ll stay through out the session and keep you ‘touched up’ so you look as fantastic at the end of the photo shoot as you did at the beginning. If you’d like to go for a second look during the photo shoot, she’ll be more than happy to do this for you, but remember this will take away from your photography time.

What happens to my photos afterwards?

I’ll retouch your photos, so they are simply stunning. This normally takes around a week after your shoot. I’ll then upload your photographs to my secure, password protected galleries. Once there you can select your 20 photographs for your DVD, plus photographs for any frames or albums we’ve agreed as part of your package.

How long does it takes for my framed photographs, albums or prints to arrive?

It depends how quickly we can order them. From ordering frames takes around two weeks to arrive. Albums take slightly longer, about 3 weeks and prints a few days from ordering them. Please remember these are from ordering, not from your boudoir photography shoot and to allow sufficient time from your photo shoot to ensure you receive your products in good time.

Can I choose my frame?

Yes, I have samples of all the frames I offer for you to choose from. I’ll also ask you to pick a mount and again I have samples of these.

What about album design?

With boudoir photography, as with wedding photography, you can have as much, or as little input into album design as you wish, I’ll ask you to think about 3 choices. Either: 1.You can choose all the photos that go into your album. 2. You can tell me any photos that must be included, and let me pick the rest. 3. I can choose the photos for you and design the album from there. Only you know which option suits you best. Regardless of your design preferences all album design is done here in Twickenham. Only when you’re completely happy with the draft of your album will I place the order.

What about my privacy?

I guarantee it. The only place I’ll ever put your photographs online is in my secure galleries. These are ‘hidden’ so the only person who knows they exist is you. I’ll also only ever give the for this password to you. I’ll never use your photographs in any other way without your express permission to do so.

When can you shoot my boudoir photography?

We’ll agree a date at the time of booking – normally we can arrange the photo shoot within a month of you booking. Its worth remembering that in the summer months I do get very busy though. If you book a boudoir photoshoot as part of your wedding photography we’ll agree a date then.

How do I book?

Give me a ring on 07949 099978, drop me an email or use the contact form above to confirm your booking. You can book at anytime up to 18 months in advance of your photo shoot. I’ve been getting a number of less then welcome enquiries lately, that, if I’m honest, have upset both me and my family. For this reason I only take boudoir bookings either from people who I’ve photographed before, have a future booking or have been referred to me by  friend who has.

Can I see some more of your work?

Sure, just ask and I’ll send you a link to some more of my work.

Anything else?

Give me a ring or drop me an email: –  I’m happy to take as long as we need to talk and answer all your questions 😉

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