Destination Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Destination Weddings.

Its getting more and more common for people to get married somewhere outside of the UK. There’s no end of reasons for choosing to do this, you my of always dreamed of getting married overlooking the Indian Ocean, met in Italy, proposed in Barcelona, have fallen in love in (and with) Tuscany or simply love the romance of Paris.

You’re going to all the extra effort to arrange your wedding some distance from home why not remove one unknown and take a photographer who’s work you love and who you’ve had opportunity to meet and talk to before you travel.

Why take a photographer?

There’s some really big advantages to taking a photographer with you. You’ll get the chance to meet them and talk about your day before you travel to your wedding, and be aware of the photographers style before you go.

The same way as if you were getting married in the UK we can also meet before the event to discuss your requirements for the day, and also afterwards for you to input to and discuss your album design if you wish to. And also in exactly the same way it’ll give you chance to work with someone you’re really comfortable with.

Because I’m travelling to and from London to photograph your wedding it means I’m easily available to you before and after your wedding day.

Where have you travelled to date?

I’ve photographed weddings in Rome, Puglia, Paris and Virgina to date. Each has presented me with some fantastic opportunities, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic people in some fantastic places.

What will you charge?

I charge my normal package rates, plus I ask you to ensure that my reasonable costs to get to and from your wedding are covered. These costs include things like air travel to your wedding, a hotel room and subsistence costs.

What about your equipment?

I’ll bring everything I normally photograph a wedding with me. This means you can expect the same standards of equipment and back up I normally provide. In my experience to date there are no issues travelling with my equipment as hand baggage.

Anything else to add to this?

I can’t think of anything I’m regularly asked about destination weddings, but I’m only a phone call or an email away. If you’d like to talk about your day or ask me anything about your wedding photography then my email is and my phone number 07949 099978. Look forward to hearing from you.


Destination Wedding Photography