Wedding Photography Frequently asked questions


What should I consider when booking my photographer?

I think there are two main things to consider when booking your wedding photographer.

1. You must absolutely love their work. Different photographers have different styles and no one photographer is right for everyone. Pick  a style you want to show your future grandchildren.

2. Of all your suppliers, you probably spend more time with the photographer then anyone else. You must get on with them. Think about their personality, do you want someone quietly confident, or someone loud, or a shrinking violet. I always think the best advice is to choose someone you’d be happy to invite round for diner.

Tell me about your style?

In a few words, relaxed, unobtrusive and informal. After all it is your wedding. I believe I’m there to document your wedding day and to capture those moments that mean so very much . Not to take over and direct your wedding. I’d rather not take you away from your guests for hours (after all some of them have travelled many miles to see you) for formal photos, but rather spend just a few minutes taking some really meaningful photos of you both. And the letting you just enjoy the day. While I get on with providing you with some stunning photographs of it.

Does that mean you don’t do any group photos?

Not at all. After all, its possibly the only time you’ll have so many of your family and friends in one place. It would be a crying shame not to have a photo or two of all of them together. Equally though, you’ll want to spend time with them as well. They’ll want to congratulate you both and have a drink (or two) with you. I’ll never (as I saw one photographer do) use a whistle to organise them. Its your wedding after all, and I’ll never stop you enjoying your guests.

Lots of my friends have cameras, can they take photographs?

Of course, I’d be really disappointed if they felt they couldn’t and I actively encourage your guests to take photos.

How far do you travel?

My packages include travel to within 60 miles of my home in Twickenham. After that I charge reasonable expenses. Most of the weddings I photograph are either in London, Surrey or Middlesex. Beyond that I’m more then happy to come and shoot anywhere in the UK or the world for that matter for you. For weddings further afield in the UK I’d ask that you cover my accommodation costs for an overnight stay if I’m traveling more then 2 hours each way. For weddings elsewhere in the world get in touch and we’ll work out a package that works for both of us.

How much input can I have into my album design?

You can have as much, or as little input into album design as you wish, basically you have three choices. Either:

1.You can choose all the photos that go into your album.

2. You can tell me any photos that must be included, and let me pick the rest.

3. I can choose the photos for you and design the album from there.

Only you know which option suits you best. Regardless of the option you choose all albums are designed in house here in Twickenham. Before I place any order with the printers I’ll ask you to review and approve the drafts of the album. Only when you’re happy do I order.

How long do you stay on the day?

I start the day joining the bride as your getting ready, and taking photographs of you through the morning, and stay until shortly after the first dance has finished in the evening. If you’ve booked a photo booth for the evening I’ll pack that away 30 minutes before the venue closes. If you’ve organised something special for the evening, like a firework display for example, let me know and I’ll stay for that too.

How many photos will I get?

I don’t put an upper or lower limit on the number of photos. I don’t exclude stunning photos because you have too many. Similarly I won’t include duplicate photos, or photos where someone picks an inopportune moment to walk in front of me just to make up numbers. Every photo you receive from the day will be unique and of the highest quality. I think on average a reasonable expectation is between 35-40 photos for each hour I’m at your wedding.

Do you edit all photographs?

Yes, every photo is fully retouched, colour balanced and any additional editing work needed is done to the highest standard before its presented to you. I complete all this work myself for you.

Why do you retain copyright on my photographs?

This is standard practice throughout the photography industry and protects both of us. With every package I include a licence to reprint all the high resolution images in whatever medium you choose. Basically you can do whatever you’d reasonably want to do with them. The only things you couldn’t ever is to sell them, or pass them off as taken by someone else.

Do I get one or two photographers?

Normally just one, I believe that just using one photographer allows me to work to my philosophy of being as discrete and unobtrusive as possible. The most stunning images at a wedding come from me being able to capture those really natural moments and I do believe that a second photographer does not add to that.

However there are occasions where the coverage you require from your wedding requires two professional photographers. The most common example I’ve seen of this is should you require coverage of the groom and his groomsmen getting ready. If two photographers were required I’d discuss, and agree, this with you at the time of booking. In the event of a second photographer been required I’ll only ever use professional photographers who’s work I know to be of a high standard. Because I only ever use professional photographers to do this I do charge an additional amount for this.

On the very odd occasion I may decide to use an assistant for your wedding. My assistant will be there solely to assist me during the day and won’t take additional photographs. If I decide brining an assistant may be beneficial then there will be no additional cost to you.

Do you always photograph my wedding, or do you use associates?

When you book me, you get my undivided attention all day, and it will always be me who photographs your wedding. I don’t use associate photographers who you’ve never met.

What happens if you are ill or otherwise unable to photograph my wedding?

I’m very lucky in that I have a good network of other photographers who I’m also lucky enough to call my friends. In the unlikely event of my being unable to photograph your wedding I’ll be able to ask one of those photographers to step in for me.  Fortunately this has never happened, but in the event it did I would also take responsibility for dealing with the editing and album design after your wedding.

I hear more and more from my friends who have been disappointed in the quality of their photos. It turns out their photographer used photos in his portfolio he’d taken at a workshop. How can we be sure to avoid this?

I’m hearing the same thing from disappointed brides. In fact in 2015 I’ve heard from 5 different couples this has happened to. Avoiding it is simple. Pick you favourite photo from the photographers portfolio. Any one. Then ask to see a group shot from the same wedding. It doesn’t have to be the best photo of the wedding but should have that bride and all her guests in. Thats pretty hard to do at a workshop.

Are you insured?

Yes. I’m covered to £5m public indemnity, £100k professional liability and all of my equipment is covered as well.

Are you a full time photographer?

Yes. I’m a full time wedding, portrait and boudoir photographer.

One of my friends has offered to photograph my wedding as a present.Should I accept instead of hiring a professional photographer?

I can’t answer this from a neutral position, but I would say hire a professional every time. Its a fantastically generous present of your friend, and I’m sure they take some pretty awesome photographs. There are a few reasons to think very carefully before accepting though.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and you want a photographer who can capture those fleeting moments that only last a second. As you photograph weddings you learn to anticipate and be ready for those moments before they happen. Remember these are photographs you’ll want to share with your grandchildren.

I also have the experience as a full time wedding photographer, and the kit to ensure that should something go wrong on the day – one of my cameras break (I’ve a couple of spares) or not everything go according to timings, to manage that and to carry on and provide you with stunning wedding photographs without you ever noticing a problem.

Lastly, in reality  I’m sure your friend would rather enjoy the day with you, get a little drunk and celebrate with you. As a professional photographer, while I’ll enjoy your wedding, I’m there first and foremost to photograph your wedding and will do just that very very well.

Why have engagement photographs?

Lots of reasons, first and foremost because its fun, it gives us something different and something else thats very special to you. It also gives you the chance to get used to being in front of the camera before the big day.

When and where should I have my engagement photographs taken?

The best time to have your engagement photographs is about 6 weeks before the wedding. Ideally I like these to take place in the last hour or so before sunset, photographers always rave about the light during the ‘golden hour’, and its easy to see why. I realise though that work, or other commitments mean this isn’t always possible. So pick a time that suits you, and six weeks or so before the wedding gives us chance to re-arrange if the British weather does its worse.

Location wise, pick somewhere inside the M25, and in West or Central London. That gives you a stunning amount of scope, and I have a few favourite locations I can suggest, depending on your preferences. Ideally, pick somewhere that means a lot to you, and preferably isn’t your wedding venue, lets try to head somewhere different.

What happens to the photos from my engagement shoot?

After your wedding you get all the photos from your engagement shoot included on your DVD, along with your wedding photos.

Anything I’ve missed?

Hopefully these frequently asked questions will help answer many of the questions you may have. If I’ve missed anything you want to ask, or you’d like to get in touch for any reason, please  give me a ring on 07949 099978 or use the contact form above, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

That all looks fantastic. I’d love you to take my wedding photos. How do I book?

Simply phone or email and let me know. As above my number is (07949) 099978 or email me I’ll ask you to sign a contract and pay a deposit of £250. Once thats all sorted there’s nothing else to do other then plan the rest of your wedding.Your photographer is sorted.

I’d like to add something to my agreed package. Can I do that?

Yes of course. Just let me know what you’d like to add, and we’ll agree it.