Getting the best out of your DSLR workshop.


This course will teach you how to get so much more out of your DSLR then by simply leaving it in fully automatic mode. The course is intended for new DSLR users and for those of you who want to get simply more out of their DSLRs. This course will improve your photographs no end.

The course is run with a maximum of 4 delegates and takes a full day. Its taught in and around Twickenham and split into three parts. The first part is classroom based, and covers some of the theory of photography. Don’t worry, its not really a very formal classroom atmosphere and very very interactive. For the second, we’ll head out around Twickenham and put what you’ve learned into practice. If you have anything your specially interested in photographing we can certainly concentrate that way. Lastly we’ll head back into the classroom and have a look at what we’ve learned. Its a pretty intensive day, but theres lots of time for questions and I like the day to be really interactive.

Some details –  here’s whats on the course:

In the classroom you’ll learn:

Some common terminology. What do all those numbers on your lens mean?

The elements of exposure and how they fit together.

What all those different modes do, and how to use them.

How your DSLR and lens work together.

Some tips and basic guidelines for composition.

We’ll then head out and about……….

Depending on the weather and your interests we’ll head out into Twickenham and put what you’ve learned into practice. I’ll try and tailor this to your interests a little, so during the morning tell me if theres anything you really want to learn how to photograph well please make sure to let me know.

And finish off……

With about 45 minutes in the classroom, this will give us chance to recap everything, have a look at what you’ve done in the afternoon and to ask any final questions.


This course is run with a maximum of four delegates ensuring that I’m available to spend as much time as you need to get the most out of the course. The full day is run at a cost of £200 per person. If you’ve any questions, or to book your place, please do get in touch on 07949 099978. If its easier please drop me an email