Lifestyle Portrait Photography


Portraits as unique as you are

Lifestyle portraits are just about you and what means the most to you. That can be your other half, family in the park, the children playing, the dog or just about anyone. We’ll shoot in a location special to you, be that your home, the local park, middle of London on a Thursday afternoon or anywhere else special to you. Lifestyle photography captures everything that makes you and the people you love special and captures the essence of them.

Lifestyle portraits take us away from a traditional studio environment, and takes your portrait photographs in a place that really means something to you. Or somewhere you’re just more comfortable. That can be the local park, your garden, middle of London, out in the countryside  or any of  a thousand locations. Lifestyle photography is ideal for couples, families and children and allows us to freedom to explore and make some photographs that really reflect you.

A lifestyle portrait session will typically last 1-2 hours, but if we need longer there’s no hurry ;). The important bit is we take photographs that you’re absolutely over the moon with. In the same way if the children have had enough after 45 minutes then we can stop there and allow your wishes on the day to guide us.

To make a booking, or just to talk through your ideas and have a chat about your ideas, please give me a ring – my phone number is (07949) 099978. If you’d prefer my email to I’ll get back to you within 24 hrs


Lifestyle portraits