Lightroom editing and workflow course.

This course is aimed at those of you who are working photographers, either full or part time. The course aims to help you develop a workflow and editing process in Adobe Lightroom which will let you spend less time behind the computer and more time doing what we do best – taking photographs. If your a hobby photographer who wants to learn about image editing then this course as it stands probably isn’t the best for you. One of my other image editing courses is far better suited

Course Overview.

The course is taught on a 1:1 basis and is run at my office in Twickenham. The course is four hours long and pretty intensive for that time. Because the course is taught on a 1:1 basis then we can tailor it slightly for your needs. Because we’ll use your images from one of your photoshoots everything  will be directly relevant to you. Of course you’ll be able to take your edited images home after the course.

The course concentrates on two of the modules in Lightroom. We’ll touch briefly on the others, but the course concentrates mainly on the Library and Develop modules of Lightroom using v4.x and how to use those modules for the greatest impact, both on the final product you send to your clients, and your workflow itself.

Although we’ll tailor the workshop for you a basic outline for is below.


What the modules in Lightroom are, and what each does.

A short tour of Lightroom, and what each of the Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow Print and Web modules do

The Library module. How to use it, what it does and getting the maximum benefit from it.

Structuring and organising your folders for optimal workflow.

LR Catalogs, collections, folders and smart collections . How they fit together and how to use them.

Metadata and keywords.

Importing photos and applying presets at import.


Stacking images.

Virtual Copies.

Flagging, Rating and Rejecting Images.

The Develop Module.How to use it and how to speed up your editing no end.

How to use the histogram when editing.

Cropping cloning and Healing.

Local adjustment brushes and graduated filters.

White balance, sharpening and noise removal.

Working with adjustment masks in lightroom.

Demystifying the sliders, what they all do and when to use them.

Changing and understanding the tone curve.

Using an external editor.

Creating Stunning Black and Whites.

Exporting images, output sharpening and export actions.

The workshop is four hours long and pretty intensive for that time. Don’t expect an easy day, but do expect to come away with a far better idea of what you can achieve and how to make it work best for you. The four hour workshop is only £300 and taught exclusively on a 1:1 basis.


Look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions please do let me know. You can ring me on 07949 099978 or email

Lightroom Course