Photographing Families and Children Workshop

This workshop is for those who have had their DSLRs for a little while Photographing Children Workshopand know how to use them But you’d like to give your photographs a little wow factor and you’d like to  able to get the very best out of them. This course predominantly focuses on photographing families and children and how to make your photos of them sing.

The workshop is split into three parts, with an half hours break for lunch. There’s a class room introduction, a long practical that takes most of the day and then half hours review at the end. If the class wants to, we can spend a little time at the end looking at some basic post processing as well.

 Part 1. Classroom Session.

In the classroom we’ll look at.

What all those modes on your camera do, and which ones to use.

Things to do to make your photos sing, and common mistakes to avoid.

Light, how to use it and the best times of day to take your photographs.

Some basic posing. How to make your subjects look as natural as possible.

Part 2. Outside and taking some photographs.

In part 2 we’ll go out and head to some locations in and around Twickenham. We’ll also take a family group as models with us.

We’ll spend the session working with our models we’ll turn everything we learned in Part 1 into practical knowledge. We’ll concentrate on how to make the most of your camera an how to make the most of the light you have available. We’ll also look at what happens if you make any of a number of common mistakes.

During the session we’ll also break for lunch at a local coffee shop.

Part 3. Back to the classroom.

We’ll finish off by taking a look, and the oppertunity to learn from what of practical photography session in part 2. Of course there’ll be lots of chance to discuss your results with your fellow delegates.

We’ll also cover some basic editing and if you wish a few simple things that every digital photograph is a million times better for.

To book your place on the workshop, or just to have a chat about things please give me a ring on 07949 099978 or drop me an email I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.