Portrait Photography FAQ.

Can we book a weekend photoshoot?

Of course you may. However please consider that weekends tend to be very busy. Particularly during the summer. Add to that I’ll only take a limited number of bookings over the course of a weekend and its often best to book weekends three months or so in advance.

Where can we have our portrait photographs taken?

Pretty much anywhere. Choose somewhere thats meaningful to you and you family.

Some locations, particularly within the M25 require me to gain permission and pay a fee for photo shoots to take place. The Royal Parks are particularly good examples of this. When we discuss locations before your shoot I’ll advise you if this is the case and ask you to cover the costs of the fee and to allow me 7 days to arrange permission. Fees very from location to location but I’ll always advise you of these first.

What if the weathers awful?

Bad weather doesn’t have to mean bad photo’s.Puddles, wellies, windy days and umbrellas can be lots of fun. Is normally only me gets wet. Joking aside if you’d like to re-arrnage a shot because of awful weather I’m more then happy to. Nobody is at their best wet, cold and unhappy.

Can we use a studio instead?

Of course we can. Just let me know in advance and I’ll arrange it for us. A studio shoot gives us the opportunity to create something with some real drama. Or if you prefer some simple white background photographs you’ll love.

Whats included in the price?

All your photography, any retouching and an electronic gallery which is in place for three weeks after your session.After your session you can order prints, framed photos, canvases or digital downloads from your gallery.

After my photoshoot, how do I order?

After your photoshoot I’ll put all your photos in a secure online gallery. You can order and pay for things though there. Depending on your order it may take anything from a couple of days to three or fours weeks for some mounted and framed photos. Remember these are bespoke, high quality products and well worth a little wait. There’s no need to decide what to order before hand.

I’m worried about how I’ll look during my photoshoot

Its easy for me to say many people  are worried. I certainly won’t dismiss that but at the same time I’m really rather proud of the way people relax when I’m around and I bring the best out of people.Sessions are always relaxed and we’ll never much for time

Do you photograph newborns?

As part of your family groups with the rest of you then of course.

You may well of seen hat/hanging cocoon/beanbag photographs of newborns on other photographer’s websites. There is an awful lot of very specialist skills that goes into these photographs and I’m afraid I just don’t have them. If you’d like this style of newborn photography I’m happy to recommend people who are very good to you.

Can we bring the dog?

Dogs are part of the family. If you’d like your dog included as part of your portraits then by all means bring them.

How much do you charge?

A family portrait shoot costs £125 for as long as we reasonably need. Normally reckon on between 60-90 minutes. Details of products and prices can be found on the pricing page.

Fantastic. How do we book?

Either give me a ring to arrange on 07949 099978. Or drop me an email using the contact form to book.






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